Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Butiki Lemon French Macaron Tea

This is my all time favorite tea. So much so that when I learned that Stacy was closing Butiki - I ordered 4oz of it! 

Lemon French Macaron smells AHHHH-MAZING. Ingredients include; White Indian Tea, Almond Slivers, Amaranth, Organic Calendula, Organic Natural Flavoring (vegan). A very distinct citrus lemon flavor hits your nose accompanied by some nutty-ness and floral tones.
This tea comes out as a beautiful golden liquor. I also just received this delicate tea cup in the mail today as a gift from my mother! The tea cup line is Jardin by I. Godinger & Co.
I decided to pair this tea with a Lemon Pastry from my local food market. This tea is known to be a desert tea but I can literally drink it any time of day. It sips in with a delicate Lemon flavor with almond/nutty undertones. I personally prefer this beverage hot but I’m sure would make an excellent summer tea with ice and some sugar. Paired with the pastry the tea pops with even sweeter tones that truly make it delectable. 
- If you have any suggestions for my tea reviews send me a PM. If you would like me to review YOUR tea, I would be more than happy to. 

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