Friday, May 26, 2017

Butiki's Caramel Apple Tea

Caramel Apple is another one of Butiki’s awesome tea blends. Unfortunately they are officially closed! This tea smells strongly of a sweet oolong with apple tones.
Like my spooky candle? BOO. Hehe. Anyway - back to the tea. Look how big that apple piece is! This tea includes Gui Fei Oolong, Organic Dried Fuji Red Apple Pieces, Safflower, Organic Natural Flavors (vegan).
Steep Caramel apple at 180F for 3 minutes. I’m sure you can treat this tea gongfu style to get the oolong leaves to fully open.
Mmmmm you can definitely smell the oolong right now with a hint of sweetness!
Caramel Apple is a flavored Oolong that really gives you the best of both worlds of a traditional tasting tea with a sweet fruity twist. This tea is not super sweet naturally so it makes a good every day any time tea. BUT! I wanted something to appease my sweet-tooth so I added a teaspoon of sugar and paired it with the pumpkin spice hersheys kiss and it tasted soooo wonderful. A lovely tea to pair with some of your candy!
If you would like to see me review a certain tea or perhaps your OWN tea, PM me and I would love to!

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