Monday, May 29, 2017

The Tea Farm's Peppermint Green Tea

I loveeeee this tea. Gunpowder by itself has a very light earthy flavor and paired with peppermint it’s so amazing! For a while I drank this tea exclusively, would come home from work and immediately make it because it was so refreshing and clean tasting. 
I purchased this two teas from The Tea Farm Cafe which is a local tea cafe in Hawaii. If I lived closer to it I would honestly be there EVERY DAY haha. Such a great atmosphere, food and of course tea! Check out their website for inexpensive tea and teaware.
If you brew multiple kinds of tea together, like a Tisane and Green tea, make sure to brew it for the tea with the lower temp/time. Peppermint steeps at 200F for 5 min but Gunpowder only steeps at 175F for 3 min. Peppermint green tea smells heavily of the peppermint but the vegetal tones are discernible. Also, make sure you don’t over steep this tea! It becomes bitter fast!
Can’t wait for this cuppa! I always feel so warm and good inside when I drink it. If you are trying to diet and feel like Green tea is good for boosting your metabolism I definitely recommend this blend!
Peppermint Green tea comes out as an amber color and I paired it with a delicious shortbread cookie to add some sweetness. This tea tastes like a rich floral peppermint tea and is delcio! I’ve tried pairing peppermint with other Green teas like sencha but it does NOT pair as well. Always choose the Gunpowder! Plus the name is cool :) If you are trying to make Moroccan Green Tea then change out the peppermint for spearmint and add a little sweetener for a refreshing tea!
If you would like to see a certain tea reviewed or would like me to review your tea send me a PM!

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