Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Butiki's Three Friends

Hello tea lovers, this is another Butiki tea review! Three friends smells heavily of dark chocolate orange zest, which bytheway.. smells AMAZING!

Look at all the dark chocolate chips! This tea includes Chinese Black Tea, Chocolate Chip, Organic Natural Flavors (Vegan), Organic Orange Peel.
I didn’t want to make a full pot so I made a small 8oz one instead. Steep this tea at boiling temperature for 3 minutes!
Such a amber red color came out! Even in liquid form, this tea smells very citrusy with some hints of dark chocolate and black tea. 
So how does this come in on the taste-o-meter? Not sooo good… Three Friends smells wonderful and sounds like it would taste divine as a desert tea but I think the orange peel, black tea and dark dark chocolate combination give it a very bitter flavor profile. I’m not a fan of bitterness so I cringe every time I take a sip (and I MADE sure not to over steep it! :( ) With some cane sugar it lightens up a little and you get more of creamy notes. I wish I was able to try it with milk because I’m sure it would change the flavor completely and make it drinkable. However, black tea isn’t usually my cuppa without milk or sugar so this one will go to the back of my shelf! I hope this tea review gave you some insight on if you want to try it!
If you have any questions/requests or would like me to review YOUR tea, send me a PM! 

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