Thursday, June 15, 2017

Harney & Sons English Breakfast

If I said this wasn’t my go to tea for when I want to be classy AF in the morning, then I would be lying. I like to pretend I am sipping this during a overcast, threatening to rain, british kind of day. But alas, I live in Texas and this is as good as it’s going to get. 

English breakfast is a black tea that sniffs in with a malty woodsy and almost raison-y smell. This tea contains 100% Keemun china black tea.
Steep this hearty bad boy at boiling temperature for 3~ minutes. I chose to use the perfect tea maker by Teavana.
 English Breakfast pours in a dark brown liquor and smells of malt with a little bit of toasty-ness.
I choose to add milk and sugar to this tea every time. It’s very rare that I will drink a black tea without those two. But, without, this tea tastes surprisingly light and not very bitter with a little bit of crispness. WITH milk and sugar this tastes like a good replacement for coffee. Honey and the toasty-ness really stand out and create a creamy dynamic flavor profile that’s good with a variety of cookies. 
Well there you have it. A great tea for any early morning or even a lazying about the day kind of tea. It’s not overly complex and not expensive enough to stash in the back of your cupboard for the “incase this company shuts down and I never have this tea again” kind of way. If you are feeling “English” or simply want a good english breakfast for every day, I definitely recommend Harney & Sons!
If you disagree with this review and have a better English breakfast, send me a PM! I’d love to try it :) 

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