Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In Nature Tea’s Nai Xiang Oolong (Milk Oolong)

 In Nature teas contacted me on my instagram to review a tea from them!

They sent me one of my favorite kinds of tea which is milk oolong. I was confused by the name when I saw it but once I smelled the tea I instantly knew it was milk oolong and google helped confirm that. 
 I heated up my kettle to 195F - using 5.5g of leaf I steeped it for 15 seconds initially.
I love watching the leaf unfurl in my pot. BTW This is a brand new tea pot from Bitter leaf teas. it’s 110ml and it pours really fast! Absolutely love it.

Time for my thoughts. This tea has a light buttery flavor kind of like popcorn mixed with some hints of caramel. It really starts to shine around the 3rd steeping and around the 6th it tapers off. I always love milk oolongs for their creamy-ness and overall sweetness they can bring, it’s like having desert without the calories! My only gripe about this tea is when it steeped there was quite a bit of sediment sitting at the bottom of the cup so I strongly recommend using a fine filter with it. Some of the leaves were broken and I found a few stems but overall it didn’t affect the taste of this tea. If you are looking to try milk oolong but don’t want to pay the steep price a lot of companies have this one is very affordable! Almost 8$ for 50g (2~ ounces) AND SURPRISE! They sent me a discount code for my followers which is like OMG? Hello? Why don’t more companies do this? For 20% off of their teas be sure to use the code Jordan20 !!! Or don’t, I do not get anything out of it, I just find it awesome that you have the chance to get a 20% discount if you liked this review and want some of the tea! In Nature teas is a UK based company so I highly recommend getting some if you are in the UK especially! 
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