Sunday, June 18, 2017

Teavana's Royal English Breakfast

I actually picked this tea up from starbucks! I noticed they were selling cans of Teavana tea and this was my very first English Breakfast tea.

Royal English Breakfast smells malty and woodsy. Like a tea you could enjoy by the campfire on a cold winter day.
Steeping times can vary from person to person, I like to steep this tea for 3 minutes at 200F. I only made a little pot and it turned out that this ended up being the last of my Royal English Breakfast! :(
Adding milk and sugar is near crucial for me when drinking black teas. I added a hearty amount of whole milk and two small spoon fulls of cane sugar.
So how does this tea taste without the milk and sugar? Not bad. It’s not bitter but has a very full flavor profile. Thick on the tongue of woods/bark and some hints of cocoa. With milk and sugar it’s almost desert like but great for early mornings as a coffee replacement. Drink this tea with a scone, or pastry, maybe even a few pieces of dark chocolate.  Overall compared to Harney and Sons English breakfast, I would recommend Harney and Sons, the leaf quality is better and it is more robust in flavor. 
If you have any questions or requests, feel free to send me a PM! :)

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