Monday, June 26, 2017

Yuuki-Cha Organic Gyokuro

Yuuki-Cha is a Japanese tea store. I was after their kyusu but decided to pick up some green tea while I was there!

 This tea smells extremely vegetal with some underlying sweet tones.
Unfortunately this tea didn’t come with any steeping instructions but google helped me with that. Pay SPECIAL attention when brewing japanese green teas, they are extremely touchy. If you over steep them or have the temperature too hot it can taste extremely bitter. I steeped it at 150F for 90 seconds. Second infusion at 160F for 2min.
 Mmmm you can smell the vegetation of this tea!
So how does Gyokuro taste? Normally I am not a fan of teas like this (including sencha). They tend to taste too grassy and bitter. THIS TEA however tastes very very buttery smooth. Delicate floral notes with the vegetal taste hit your pallet and go down silky smooth. 2nd and 3rd infusion taste just as good! Yuuki-Cha is an affordable yet high quality tea company! 2 ounces of Gyokuro was only 11$ US and the Kyusu teapot was around 20$ US!

If you have any questions or suggestions for future tea reviews, send me a PM! :)


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