Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Crimson Lotus Gongfu2go and 2013 Xiaguan Shou Puerh

 So todays review is going to be a little different. Why? Because I’m also reviewing teaware! I was surfing /r/tea on reddit and someone posted a link to Crimson Lotus’ Gongfu2go portable tea brewer. Well… there’s nothing other to say than I HAD to have it.

Crimson Lotus includes 25g of this 2013 Shou Puerh with the purchase of the Gongfu2go and it comes in a reusable tin to put other tea you would want to carry with you! This tea smells strongly of earth and seaweed.
Here is the whole thing disassembled. Left is the single walled glass part that you put your tea, next is the strainer and after that is where the finished product will sit in!
Pour your water in the double walled container. I decided to get the larger size (180ml) while you can also get the smaller 140ml one.
From there, screw on the black bit with the strainer, then screw the small glass cup+strainer to the double walled part that has your water. After everything is secure, turn it upside down and let it steep! I let this tea steep for 30 seconds.
Yay! You’re all done. You officially have gongfu tea on the go! Now, I know a lot of you that love gongfu tea are going to scoff and say “But it’s about the experience, the Zen-ness of brewing gongfu style” And I TOTALLY understand. When I have a long day at work and need to unwind for an hour, I go to my yixing pot or gaiwan and have a gongfu tea session. However, I work really long hours in an industrial environment. Sometimes I don’t have the liberty to go home for over 24 hours. So in MY mind, this on the go brewer is AMAZING. Since I received it in the mail I’ve used it every day. And the tea that I put in the morning lasts me ALL day (because I’m a relatively slow liquid drinker..). I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries from fellow employies and it’s a neat conversation piece! The only thing to be weary of is the single walled part heats up, so make sure you grasp the black plastic part when unscrewing it. The double wall does a great job keeping the tea insulated and hot for long periods time. 
Now… About the tea. Xiaguan Shou Puerh smells earthy when brewed but is light and floral with NO bitterness and slight vegetal undertones. This tea is really great and I had no problem steeping it all day and the next. If you are interested in Puerh tea, I definitely recommend Crimson Lotus, my entire Puerh stash comes from them!
If you like to steep gongfu on the go purely so you have the chance to enjoy your tea at the entirety, exploring the different flavors with each steep then I highly recommend this! I usually wake up, heat up water to the temperature of the tea I plan to drink that day, put it in a thermos, grab this + tea and go! I’ve even secured the strap to my belt and walked around with no problems! 
Find the product above here. They have a better explanation for how to use it properly and alternative ways of enjoying your tea with it! In no way am I affiliated with Crimson Lotus Tea, they did not pay me or ask me to advertise their product. I just loved it so much I had to share <3
Disclaimer: This product was discontinued long ago because of reports of steam causing too much pressure and blowing steaming water into peoples faces. This is not an issue I personally had. If you Email CL they might have more in stock!

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