Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pine Oolong - Golden Tea Leaf

 Golden Tea Leaf reached out to me about trying their tea. Pine Oolong originally came in tea sachets but I preferred to cut them open and brew them gongfu style.
 I brewed this oolong at 195F starting with a 15 second infusion
I love watching the leaves unfurl!
I poured so fast that I ended up semi collapsing my tea strainer haha, but the color is coming out to a pale yellow that looks crystal clear.

 Pine oolong sipped in with a honey floral taste mixed with honeysuckle, a vegetal note was left to finish. Each subsequent steep deepened the flavors as the leaf opened up until about the 5th steep where it started to taper and the vegetal notes became more prominent. I was really happy with what this tea had to offer given that it was in a tea bag. If you wish to purchase this tea for yourself, check out their website or their amazon!

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to send me a PM! Want to decide which tea I review next? Don’t hesitate to ask! 

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