Monday, August 28, 2017

Peppermint Patty from Snake River Tea

 Peppermint patty is a blend of rooibos, peppermint, chocolate chips and chocolate flavor.

 Steep this tea at 212F for 5 minutes.
Peppermint Patty sips in with a heavy note of peppermint with a light chocolate flavor chasing it. This tea is extremely delicious as a dessert tea or for any time of day. The chocolate isn't the main focus so it doesn't feel like too much of an indulgent but just enough to cure that aching sweet tooth. The rooibos adds a an extra dimension to the tea making it balance out between peppermint, chocolate and a fruity undertone. This strongly reminds me of a york peppermint patty which happens to be my favorite candy!  If this tea sounds delicious to you, pick it up here!

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