Saturday, August 19, 2017

Toyo Mukashi Uji Matcha from O-cha

 Here’s all of my matcha gear! Whisk, chawan, matcha and scoop

 It recommends 2-3 scoops of matcha into your chawan. However, you always want to preheat your chawan with hot water first. 
 Sift your matcha into the chawan and then you can add hot water - 165-170F 
 First add a little bit of water (20-50ml) and whisk it to a watery paste, this will help when you add the rest of the water to get good froth. 
 Now whisk back and forth in zig zag motions really fast! This was my second time making matcha so my foam wasn’t on point, but I can assure you, its much better now! You want nice thick foam with small bubbles. 
For the taste test! This Matcha is extremely good, its in the middle of being sweet and grassy. You can take it like a shot or make huge slurps as you down it. I found this to be really flavorful and definitely way better than anything you would get at a store - most of the Matcha you will buy at a store has an overpowering bitterness. This was nice and sweet and I find that the froth really cuts the bitterness. Weird, huh? O-cha has a lot of amazing options for Japanese tea so you should check out their store here

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to send me a PM! Want to decide which tea I review next? Don’t hesitate to ask! 

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