Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ruby 8 Black - Totem Tea

Totem tea contacted me about trying their tea and incense and I could not refuse! 

 I brewed this tea at 205F starting with 10 second infusions and gradually increasing
The liquor comes out a a strong yellow with hints of red and smells floral with notes of smokiness. I paired this tea with the sandalwood incense that they sent and it made for a beautiful combination. Both had opposite profiles but complimented each other in ways I did not expect. Ruby 8 is a black tea from Taiwan and is so delicately creamy with zero bitterness. I found that the tea reminded me of cocoa mixed with lighter floral notes. Even if I left this tea to cool for too long it still tasted sweet and delightful at colder temperatures. They sell this tea on their website for $13/oz if you would like some of your own you can pick it up here.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to send me a PM! Want to decide which tea I review next? Don’t hesitate to ask! 


  1. Hello, This is interesting. I've never heard of TTES #8 (an Assam cultivar) referred to as Ruby #8 as the "Ruby" designation is generally reserved for TTES #18 (a cross between a Burmese assam and an indigenous wild variety and called Hong Yu - red jade or ruby - in Taiwan.) #8 is usually just called assam. Do you know why this tea is called "Ruby"?

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